NFHS High School Injury Surveillance System
The NFHS Foundation has contributed approximately $300,000 to the development of the National High School Sports Injury Surveillance System. 

This is a valuable tool for all involved in sports to help make activities as safe and possible for all involved at the high school level.  For nearly two decades, the NFHS Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) has used High School RIO data to inform rules changes and further risk minimization issues in every sport. Not only is the NFHS able to compare general injury rates in sports over time, but the SMAC can look at specific injury patterns such as concussion by position in football, or lacerations related to metal cleats in softball.  Please click here to access the article "Importance of Injury Surveillance in High School Athletics" on the NFHS website

To learn more about the National High School Sports Injury Surveillance System, please visit the RIO website.