Due to a large number of high schools that lacked access to an AED on their campus, the Foundation Board felt strongly that this situation posed a health and safety risk to students, coaches, fans, etc. and establish a goal of providing one AED for high schools who did currently have one on campus.  In 2018, the NFHS Foundation Board approved funds to purchase 600 AEDS for high schools across the United States and shipped them out in early 2019.  Click here for article.

How To Apply

Currently, the NFHS Foundation is not taking information from schools or providing grants for AED’s to high schools.  However, we do have a partnership with the CPR Institute of Indiana, who does offer a package for an AED and accessories for $725.  For more information, please contact William Callahan at indyfyre@yahoo.com

Please click here for the information flyer for this program.