Chris Chun, executive director of the HHSAA, provided two completed studies regarding the Weight Monitoring Fat Analysis Methods Study. The Haley C study was limited due to the inability to find more than 16 subjects. Due to the lack of participation, the study was unable to address the first question regarding “Can the Body Matrix Ultrasound be utilized without determining an athlete’s hydration level?” The second question, “Is the Body Matrix Ultrasound valid and reliable when compared to Hydro static weighing?” and the third question, “Is the Tanita BIA valid and reliable when compared to Hydrostatic weighing?,” provided varied results. 

Ultimately, athletic administrators, athletic trainers and coaches in Hawaii are satisfied with keeping the current method of body composition, skin fold measurements.  



HHSAA Wrestling Body Matrix Study

Comparison of Percent Body Fat Measured by Ultrasonography Skin Fold and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis in High School Wrestlers 

Preliminary Results of the Assessment of Percent Body Fat of HS Athletes